Knowledge Translation and Evaluation

Knowledge Translation and Evaluation

A true understanding of priority health care issues, like diabetes, requires meaningful data-analysis to empirically contextualize the issue. However, analysis itself is predicated on the access to, relevance of, and communication resulting from data, both within and beyond the scientific community. Knowledge translation and evaluation are key to ensuring research findings are communicated effectively to the intended users.

Our team constructed the Population Health Planning Knowledge-to-Action Model, which, though originally designed to support the use of the Diabetes Population Risk Tool (DPoRT) in public health settings, has since been used to inform applications of other, health planning tools.

Our team has also systematically analyzed the effectiveness of knowledge brokers as facilitators of knowledge translation in health-related settings, and, in the same year, conducted a scoping review of evidence regarding active-transportation investment opportunities and the potential economic benefits therein.


To learn more about our work in knowledge translation and evaluation, please see the following resources:

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